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Shared (Coalition)Loyalty is in play when many brands together to offer customers rewards that can be earned from a variety of participating brands, with options to redeem rewards at the brand of their choice. Small and Medium-sized enterprises may not yet have established enough trust or the network reach to successfully execute their own individual loyalty programs.
Coalition loyalty programs can provide a huge boost to small niche businesses because they can benefit from the network reach of the coalition. It can be a cost-effective way to offer their customers a variety of attractive benefits.

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LOY CLUB is a loyalty and customer retention app that takes the traditional loyalty cards and puts them on your customer’s phones as a digital Loyalty wallet. Our simple and user-friendly loyalty app allows your customers to collect loyalty points and redeem reward , completely contactlessly. And it’s more than just a loyalty app, our platform provides you with the tools to communicate directly with your customers to increase customer engagement, stand out against your competitors and grow your business!
Replace your old paper punch cards with a digital loyalty punch card experience and drive even better customer loyalty.
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